New! I am now offering individual coaching sessions.

Coaching sessions

If you are feeling in any way stuck


you are feeling deflated and demotivated,

or overwhelmed

you want to write, yet somehow it’s not happening

you have deadlines coming up and you are not sure you’ll be able to meet them

you wish you’d have a self-care routine, but you cannot seem to get started

you know you are capable, yet feeling insecure is keeping you miserable

you realise you’re not functioning as well as you’d like

you are not sure you want to stay in academia

you know there must be a more elegant way to navigate academic life

you are dealing with difficult circumstances (illness/ disability/ loss/ personal trouble)

you feel like you’re burning out

(these are either/ors! Though they may go together. Not too many boxes to tick I hope!)

a coaching session with me may help.

Any topic goes, really.

My approach:

You have all the answers. I’ll help you find them. (And add specific expertise depending)

During the sessions we will explore and untangle the obstacles or issue.

You talk. I listen. We discuss.

The way forward mostly involves practical steps as well as a shift in perception.

(Actually, this is one of my qualities as a coach. I love combining the pragmatic and the profound.)

One simple session can be a real boost. In a series of sessions I’ll be able to help you stay the course.

The format:

The one-hour sessions take place via Skype. I’ll send you a coaching questionnaire in advance (it is kind of fun, I won’t make you go through pages of endless questions I promise).

You can book a single or double session. The double sessions are especially great: they are succinct, yet they offer the accountability advantages of a series of sessions.

Or you can book multiple sessions if you’d like my coaching and support for a longer stretch of time. In that case send me an email first to check for availability.

My expertise:

Self-care in academia, creating a work/writing routine, work/life balance, meditation and productivity, gaining clarity, dealing with feeling insecure/ criticism, being in academia with an illness/ disability, being effective while in the middle of your life falling to pieces, succeeding against the odds.

That said, some highly memorable coaching sessions involved entirely different issues, which I did not neccessarily feel to be an expert in, such as taking career decisions or last-minute trouble-shooting preparing for an important presentation.

Most important is that we’re a match. Read the posts on my site. Check me out. You’ll soon get a feeling of whether you’d like to work with me (or not).

Looking forward to working with you!


Book a Coaching SessionPrice
60-minute session

2 x 60-minute session

For multiple sessions please email me @
30-minute session (Only available after two full sessions)