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Free Resources

There are no magic tricks for academic productivity, but there are simple tools that when combined make a real difference. I have compiled them in a worksheet for you to download and use daily to stay on track.

The main idea I introduce is that of balancing intense effort and recovery. It is the best way to manage your mental energy, and in my opinion it works much better than trying to manage your time (or not having a plan at all…) I discovered this way of working when I needed it most: when I was finishing my own PhD with only limited hours a day to do so.

The worksheet will help you create a work schedule that combines working in intervals (absolute best way to go), focusing your attention (it is still possible in the age of distraction), making sure you are working on the right task (kind of important), and appreciating progress made (we often forget about this).

Let the ZenAcademic worksheet help you:

  • Create an effective work and self-care routine

  • Increase your academic output

  • Reduce procrastination

  • Feel better about your progress

  • Have a shorter workday

Use this worksheet to get the most out of your academic workday, and to stay the course!


ZenAcademic Worksheet

Use the ZenAcademic worksheet to create your optimal workday.
It will help you focus, prioritise, and get work done!
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Finding Your Academic Voice

Finding Your Academic Voice discusses: developing your core argument, using the literature, finding your place in the field, the writing process.
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Free Mini Course

You can work shorter hours, get more done and feel better too.
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