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Writing a PhD is challenging at best. There are times that things go smoothly and there are times that any progress seems to come to a screeching halt. During the more difficult stretches, it can be a challenge to not succumb to feeling stuck and miserable.

I propose that often simple routines and tools can help boost focus, productivity and well-being, no matter whether things are going well or badly. I also propose that academia needs a new paradigm to think about stress and productivity.

In my seminars I focus on three components that are crucial for writing a PhD smoothly and successfully: stress-management, productivity and emotional wellbeing. I also tell my own story, to illustrate that there are good and bad ways of writing a PhD (I tried them both, unfortunately), and to educate and inspire you to choose the better way from the start.

My seminar gives you practical tools to start reducing stress, improving focus, and boosting productivity and well-being immediately.

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