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If you feel you are not as productive or fulfilled as you’d like, coaching can help you find your way forward. Sometimes it is a good idea to talk to someone outside of your normal circle. Someone with a neutral perspective who is invested only in supporting you. For the past four years I have worked with PhDs and ECRs pretty much all over the world, and I’d be delighted to work with you.

My expertise
My expertise lies in the crossover between academic productivity and wellbeing, and I specialise in helping you create a work routine in which the two reinforce each other. I’m an expert on the topic of stress and academic performance (they are not a good match), and I have hard-won expertise when it comes to writing a PhD with extreme constraints, in my case a chronic illness. I reject the notion that working harder is always better. Instead, ‘working smart’ by creating effective work habits is what is called for.

Some of the situations in which a coaching session can help:

  • If you want to create effective and ‘effortless’ work routines
  • If you are feeling ‘behind’ on schedule and are worried about your progress
  • If you need to start writing, yet somehow it’s not happening
  • If you know you are capable, yet procrastination / perfectionism/ feeling insecure is keeping you stuck
  • If you are feeling really stressed but are unsure what to do about it
  • If you are dealing with difficult circumstances (illness/ disability/ loss/ personal trouble)
  • If you and your work need a quick boost

The one-hour sessions take place via Skype, or if you are in Amsterdam we can meet up in person if you prefer. I’ll send you a coaching questionnaire in advance, so I can prepare for our call.

One-Hour Coaching Session

Let’s talk via Skype.
(In Dutch or English)

Fee: €100,-

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If you’d like my support for a series of calls, get in touch to check for availability.


When I contacted you, I was feeling very lonely, nervous and scared and had begun a downward spiral of despair. Our chat was extremely helpful in helping me move forward. In fact, it was a big shove in the right direction and I’m so grateful for having spoken to you.
PhD Candidate, King’s College, London, England

Working with Amber has been such a revelation for me. At the time I started working with her I had not worked on my PhD for about a year, and even before that, I struggled with procrastination issues. Amber was very effective, in a compassionate and insightful way, in getting down to the root of my issues – her kindness and understanding made me feel comfortable immediately and I was able to open up to her and get the issues that hindered my progress out in the open. She’s also very open and funny which made me love our Skype conversations!! With her guidance, I was able to resume working on my PhD and produce and publish a concrete piece of work – the reworking of an article which had been gathering dust for months on end. Amber also introduced me to a tailor-made working schedule that tackled my procrastination and gave me the ability to produce quite a lot of work in a brief, yet concentrated amount of time. I’ll be forever indebted to her for jump-starting my productivity after a very long time of standing still, and providing me with the necessary tools for a whole new way of working. Thanks so much Amber!!
PhD candidate, TU Delft, The Netherlands