New Academic Year Ahead! And New Free Mini Course

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I have been working on a free mini course to help you develop excellent work habits (hello to getting those papers written!) but wanted to wait until I was sure the holidays were over. Now it is September, and the light has turned golden, and our gaze is once again firmly on our laptops. So it is time for an announcement!

The ZenAcademic Worksheet (which you can find on my free resources page) now comes with a free mini course! It is an introduction to implementing the worksheet, which will help you:

  • Create a work (and self-care) routine that is right for you
  • By doing the above: getting your research done and writing on track!

There are no real secrets to academic productivity, but there are quite a few components to it. Decisions you make every day about how you work, when you work, and what to work on… As well as how to deal with obstacles such as procrastination etc. The mini course will help you get this academic year off to a prolific start by covering the (all too important) basics.

You can sign up for the free 4-day mini-course here

Hope you enjoy it!

All my best wishes,


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