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This week is guest blog week!

Firstly, my story was featured on Nadine Muller’s blog. Nadine’s site has some really great PhD advice you should check out. Click on the ‘New Academic’ heading, and you’ll find articles on anything from finding a job after finishing your PhD, to writing your first book, to working in academia with an illness/ disability. You can read my piece here. I talk about my struggles when I fell ill finishing my PhD and the changes I made to finish my PhD with less effort & better results. I wrote this post with people who struggle with energy or health issues in mind, although the strategies I talk about are relevant for anyone writing a PhD, feeling a little stuck.

And….there is more:

I was also featured on Eva Lansoght’s PhD Talk, with a series of 3 blogs on how to improve your PhD productivity. I discuss three levels or aspects of productivity: (1) creating the best physiological conditions for doing academic work; (2) structuring your workday so it works for you, instead of against you; and (3) creating momentum by sustaining a positive attitude. Do all three, and your productivity will soar.

Don’t forget that this week is the last week to sign up for the HappyPhD contest. Contest closes this Thursday, and I will announce the winners on Friday!


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