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It’s time for my yearly HappyPhD course giveaway!

If you know about the course and would like to win it: please enter.

If you don’t know about the course, find out more here.

I’ve been teaching the course for a couple of years now, at times slightly updating and improving the content, and there are a number of themes that keep cropping up:


If you are feeling you aren’t as efficient as you’d like: the course will help. First step: getting out of distraction and overwhelm by creating routines that ensure your energy levels are high (enough) and you are calm and centred (again, as much as possible). Next step: creating a work routine that is highly efficient. I believe in working short, effective hours. It takes some experimentation, and some letting go of outdated ideas on how the brain, and mental productivity works, but it works. You are going to lose some of your PhD guilt. Promise.


If you are pressed for time, either because you are looking at the calendar and your PhD deadlines are approaching much sooner than you’d like, or because you are one of those very tough (insane, I say with affection) people who combine a PhD with working a job and / or having a family, the course will help. It will help you set priorities as well as reduce the number of hours you need to spend on PhD work. Can’t work miracles, unfortunately, but I try.


If for whatever reason you are struggling, the course may help. This may be PhD-related, say you have been burning the candle at both ends and are absolutely exhausted. Or it may be related to what I call: Pianos that fall from the sky. If you have been hit by a piano, the course may help by getting just that one small part of your life – your PhD – back on track. It’s a start.


Need to get out of your head? Need to stop over-analysing? Need the obsessing over your PhD/ what direction to take/ how to do it all/ to stop? The course will help. Redressing the balance between the mental and all other aspects of yourself is so needed in academic life. This part is the fun part. And truly useful part. Let’s use the analytical mind for what it’s good at, but not let it rule your life. Will help with decision-making. Will help with joy.

To Enter the GiveAway

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The contest will be open for the month of September, and I’ll announce the winners shortly thereafter. Could you spread the word and share this post? Thank you, good luck and fingers crossed!

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